10 benefits of daily yoga practice

10 benefits of daily yoga practice

1. Less stress

Most research on yoga practice has shown beneficial effects in dealing with daily stress or stress caused by special problems (fighting a disease, caring for a sick person or any other type of trauma).

2. Better sleep

Duration and quality of sleep are vital to a healthy life, for the well-being of every day, but also to reduce the effects of aging. Yoga teaches us how to detach from the thoughts that invade our mind, so we can rest easier and better. By practicing daily for short periods and two to three times a week in longer and more intense sessions, you can see the beneficial sleep effects in a short time.

3. Better bone, cartilage and joint health

Bone density decreases with age, this decrease being accompanied by many diseases of the bones and joints. The daily movement, the prudent and moderate physical exercise, as guided by a correct yoga practice, help maintain bone density and prevent such diseases.

4. Lower blood pressure

Meditation during the final posture, Savasana, helps lower blood pressure by inducing a profound relief. This result was proven by studies that looked at the relaxation from the end of yoga practice and the relaxation by lying on the couch in a similar position. The comparison showed that only Savasana managed to get beneficial effects.

5. Flexibility

Flexibility depends from person to person; being flexible is the sign of a healthy body. Even if, at the beginning of your practice, some postures will seem too difficult for you, as the days pass you will be surprised to discover your joints will become more powerful and flexible.

6. Posture

Problems related to an incorrect posture are multiple: from back pain to the unpleasant aspect of the whole body. Yoga helps establish a posture and strengthen the muscles to support it throughout the day.

7. Forget back pains

The consistent practice of yoga helps strengthen the back muscles, with regular postures specifically addressing the strengthening of this area. The vertebral column is protected and the back pain disappears. Effects of this type can be observed shortly.

8. Weight loss

Although yoga does not have the goal of weight loss, the daily practice will also show this benefit. It is the loss of excess kilos at a slow but lasting pace. The body keeps only as much as it needs.

9. Helps you focus

Repeated daily exercises have the goal of emptying the mind of thoughts and focusing on breathing and reaching basic positions. Repetitive practicing manages to increase the ability to concentrate by controlling thoughts.

10. Makes you happier

Reducing the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, yoga practice gives you the key to a more happy life, with less tension and helps you enjoy the present. By practicing regularly, you keep yourself away from depression and sadness.

Bonus: increased self care

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