Why you should really choose cotton

Why you should really choose cotton

Yoga clothing should respect the same unwritten laws of the yoga practice and yoga lovers: stay natural, respect your body and treat it well. Many yoga pants and yoga tops, like many of the street apparel and sport outfits in general utilise massive amounts of plastic materials, which are not recommended to our skin and general well being, not to mention they are not in respect with our planet.

Here are just the most known types of cotton fabrics which can help you pay attention to the clothes you’re choosing for your skin:


cotton jersey

interlock cotton

French terry





Cotton is a natural product

Nature is our friend and our ally. That’s why we should try hard to stick to what she has to offer. When it comes to our clothing, our skin will instantly recognize a natural fabric like cotton.


Cotton is comfortable to wear

Did you ever have the feeling you’re skin is suffocating and it cannot breath? It could have been the plastic fabrics your clothes were made of.


Cotton is hypoallergenic

If you’re struggling with skin allergy and irritation, the first thing you should do is give up synthetic clothing. This could be the actual cause of your skin problem. Be sure you wear only natural fabrics clothes, like cotton. It is very important that every layer that gets in contact with any part of your body is made of cotton.

Loose that unpleasant sensation of itchy skin by wearing natural made fabrics, which are in total harmony to your skin.


Cotton is a durable fabric

Yoga tops and yoga pants made of cotton, even washed every week, will keep their shape and colour.


Cotton is an insulator

It is a weather-proof fabric and it responds greatly to all kind of temperatures. No matter if your body needs to warm or to stay cold, cotton clothes will adapt to its needs.


Cotton controls moisture

The skin can breathe and it can save the warm it needs.


Cotton is soft

Cotton feels smooth on the skin; especially high quality cotton can be as soft as baby skin. Interlock, for example, used largely on tee shirts and good quality yoga clothes, is perfect for you daily comfort.


Cotton is less toxic

Since it does not contain synthetic components and it is very easy to dye, cotton is less toxic than other fabrics for the skin.


Cotton is easy care

Even if it’s your sport or street wear, apparel must look in good shape. Cotton does not have high demands in washing it is easy care. Most often, it washes at 30 or 40 degrees in a machine and keeps its shape and colour wonderfully.


Cotton keeps its shape

A good quality interlock will not need ironing and stays beautiful and with a natural shine.




SUAV Yoga Pants are made of natural fabrics. The Dog Pants are made of 100% cotton, a very soft interlock, available on black and burgundy. Find the details here.

For the summer, they are available in a shorter version, the mini dog

Another 100% cotton solution are the SUAV yoga pants called Cat. They are made of the same interlock and have a perfect line which will fit any type of body curves.

SUAV Yoga tops also use cotton. Find here a beautiful selection.

La piece de resistance of SUAV soft cotton are definitely the cotton overalls. The so called Crocodile Onesie is available on black and burgundy, is 100% of the best cotton and you can find it here.

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