Why on Earth should you offer yoga pants as a Christmas gift?!

Why on Earth should you offer yoga pants as a Christmas gift?!

Your news feed must be full of great ideas. There’re so many options out there, one cuter and more thoughtful than the other. However, you shouldn’t rule out yoga wear and here’s why.

SUAV yoga pants (and I use this term loosely, to cover all our collection, tops and onesies included) could be a truly thoughtful present for the right person.

They’re a good present for your friend who told you all year about her plans to start practicing yoga. They go well together with a voucher for a yoga class, to see if yoga’s for her. If she doesn’t like it, at least she has some cool casual pants to wear for other activities. Many of our clients wear them as a street wear piece. One client told us she finds them very appropriate for her work as a film producer, as they’re not only cool, but also very comfy.

Our tops have some subtle sexiness with their open backs, so they can be also worn while going out. We didn’t think of that when we designed them, but it turns out they’re very versatile.

All our pieces are made from high quality natural materials, designed and manufactured in a small workshop in Bucharest, so they would be perfect for someone who is concerned with sustainable, responsible fashion consumption.

Did I mention they’re super comfy, not only by design, by also by the fabrics we use? Many of our clients can’t stop talking about the softness of the fabric, they want to sleep wearing our pieces and we couldn’t be happier.

But first and foremost, they’re perfect for a yoga practitioner. For the ones who prefer loose yoga wear, a SUAV piece would be the confirmation that someone shares their preferences, while for the ones who think they can only practice yoga in leggings, it could be an interesting alternative. At least, that’s what we hope 😊.

So, if our suggestions inspired you, our e-shop is open 24/7 😊.

One last suggestion: while surfing our website, stop by our Goodies page. Our Sun Salutation poster, the candles or the tote could complete your yoga-themed Christmas present.


Merry Christmas from the SUAV crew!

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