7 signs that prove yoga community is getting strong in Romania

7 signs that prove yoga community is getting strong in Romania

Four years ago, trying to get to the next level in yoga practice, as I felt that my yoga skills, acquired in my best friend’s living room from the few YouTube videos available at that time, were no longer enough, it took me almost a month of searching for a studio that fitted my location and schedule.

Fast forward to 2019. Now, literally anytime I want, I can put on my yoga wear, go downstairs and choose one studio and one class I want to join. By “I” I mean my best friend, or anyone who lives in Bucharest. As I live in the suburbs, I have to replace “go downstairs” with “get in the car and drive to the city”. But you get my point.

Why I’m making this parallel (except from portraying me as a pioneer of yoga practice in Bucharest 😊)? In the past few weeks I was almost overwhelmed by the number of yoga-related events happening here. So it became clear to me that yoga is gaining steady ground in Romania and the yoga community is getting stronger. And I’m happy to be a part of this phenomenon, with our SUAV, the only Romanian yoga wear brand.

Let me get into details.

There are a few platforms that took the responsibility of building the foundation of the yoga community. Here are the ones that come to my mind. Feel free to expand the list in the comments.

  1. Zen Corner is a project initiated in 2014 by two lovely yoga teachers, Ioana Hudita and Mariana Dragan. In their own words, “the project is a platform meant to create opportunities for people to try an urban-contemporary-friendly-accessible and fun form of Yoga”. Personally, I love their classes in the park during the summer. And I am looking forward to attending my first retreat with them, Early Spring Yoga Retreat.
  2. Yogacity is the first and only platform in Romania dedicated to communication and promotion of yoga practice and culture. Also founded by two yoga lovers, Laura Calin and Mia Munteanu. Laura recently graduated a yoga teaching program. This year, they launched Breathe 2.0, a yoga, meditation and mindfulness program for companies that want a healthy working environment and for teams that want to work together, rather than individually. They organize yoga classes, meditation sessions, breathing exercises, mindfulness workshops at your office.
  3. yogatime.ro launched their website last week. Also a project with two female founders, both of them yoga teachers (do you see a pattern here 😊?)*, it’s a place where one can find complete info about anything yoga-related in Romania – yoga studios in your town that teach your preferred yoga style, instructors that teach private lessons, yoga retreats, yoga schools, specialized articles and specialized stores. SUAV is featured there, but they didn’t ask any favor in return 😊. I just want to praise their huge effort of putting together this database. If only it was online four years ago…

And then, there are the events that spice up Romanian yogis’ practice, offering them the opportunity to study and practice with teachers and gurus from all around the world. Here are those that came my way. Again, please feel free to write about others in the comments.

  1. Move On’s Yin and Yang Convention takes place this weekend (23 – 34 February), at Hotel Caro in Bucharest. The event focuses on two of the most known schools in the world, Iyengar Yoga and Fletcher Pilates. Coordinated by Julio D. Papi, it’s an occasion to deepen the practice and the theory of these disciplines, as it hosts both classes and workshops.

SUAV will be there and we’re so happy for the opportunity to get first-hand feedback on our yoga wear from intensive yoga practitioners. We’ll also have a pre-launch of some new styles of pants and we can’t wait to see the response.

  1. Studioul Universul will host next weekend (1-3 March) the Go Authentic – Workshop Tour with Mukesh Kothari. The name of the event is self-explanatory: the 3 workshops will take you into the journey of authentic yoga practice as done in the Himalayas, India with Indian Yoga teacher Mukesh Kothari, founder of BinduSar Yoga Rishikesh.
  2. Wellness Festival have just announced their headliner (I’m sure the organizers don’t mind if I use music festival terminology, as they’re also the parents of Summer Well Music Festival😊): Josh Kramer. Save these dates: 24-26 May, cause we have already done that 😊.
  3. Studioul Universul will also host Yogahour 3 day Teacher Training with Neda Draupadi Honarvar (7-9 June). Yogahour is an accessible and affordable flow class with focus on alignment. It aims “to be the most doable yet difficult one-hour flow class offered anywhere”. As Ioana Hudita, who is one of the organizers of the event, explained me, it’s a slow vinyasa class and, in the same time, a dynamic alignment class.

So, in these 4 events, we have yoga teachers visiting from Italy, Russia, Hungary, India, New Zealand and USA.  No wonder yoga is such a massive global phenomenon! The good news is that we’re joining it.



*SUAV is also the project of two yoga lovers, obviously

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